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PLM students walkout for truth

Just when the academic year is about to end, about 400 PLM students led by the Supreme Student Council (SSC) and Bukluran Student Alliance walked-out of their classes March 14, 2008 to “call for truth and accountability in governance” amidst the scandals that rock the Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo administration especially the recent NBN-ZTE controversy.

SSC Hermes Palad said, “The issue of truth and accountability is a big deal for PLM students. We are taught in PLM to be intelligent in knowing what’s the reality and to be responsible in everything we do. It is just proper to expect that our government officials to value those things as well.”

The students, after walking out of their classes, proceeded to the inter-faith rally at the Liwasang Bonifacio as an “act of solidarity with other universities and colleges.”

At the Liwasang Bonifacio stage, Palad lambasted Gloria Arroyo for claiming that her government provides the highest budgetary allocation to education when it is actually debt servicing that dethrones education as number one priority. “How much is the P5.273 billion given to the education sector compared to the almost P19 billion as payment for the interests of our outstanding debts?”, he asked.

Palad vows to lead more PLM protest actions starting on the opening of classes in June “until Gloria steps down from power.”



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