About Bukluran

Bukluran Student Alliance is a student alliance.

 Bukluran is proud to declare that it is an organization of the students, by the students and for the students. Throughout its history, it has time and again put the welfare of the students above everything.

 With the duality of having individual members and a vast network of student organizations, Bukluran is rooted on the perspective of every kind of PLM students. No wonder that no one dares to question us in our assertion that Bukluran is 100% student-biased.

 Bukluran Student Alliance is a leadership formation.

 In its existence for more than a decade now, Bukluran has consistently offered its own brand of leadership; something that is founded on responsibility rather than ambition, upon the greater good than vested interests. As such, it has produced more than 30 SSC executives and hundreds of local council officers in the student electoral arena.

 The formation has also steadily lead, through its roster of quality leaders, several academic and university-wide organizations. Bukluran was also instrumental in the foundation of notable student organizations that made its mark of excellence in leadership inside and out of the walls of PLM.

 Bukluran Student Alliance is an activist organization.

 The history of Bukluran is a history of struggles. It is a history of the battle of freedom against repression, welfare versus oppression and excellence over mediocrity.

 Through the lenses of its principles, Bukluran is known to face every issue with the courage of taking a stand and doing something about it: from local issues like the pressure against Ang Pamantasan, the struggle for a PLM Student Regent, and the Student Handbook Revision to national issues like charter change, wage increase and political corruption.

No other student organization compares to how each and every rational PLM student appreciates Bukluran’s reliability in the pursuit of awareness and action regarding relevant social concerns.



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