Our Seven Principles

Pro Student.

No other political alliance in PLM has the courage to declare that it is biased. Bukluran, indeed, is partisan and would always put the interests of students above everything.

We would never seek the reason of Bukluran’s existence in being Anti-Administration as other groups would like to brand us. But clear enough, cowardice is not in our vocabulary and we would bravely put ourselves in the frontline even against the university administration and the government just to protect the rights and welfare of every student.

Unity amidst Diversity.

Bukluran is composed of different organizations and, more so, diverse individuals with perspectives so distinct from each other. Still, these differences would never halt their common pursuit of leadership excellence and social justice.

Democratic Centralism.

We believe in democracy, as a cause for our society and as an organizational discipline. We subject our stands to debates and discourse in the context of our principles.

Thus, each and every member who wishes his/her appreciation of every issue through our principles is heard. Salient in our belief in democracy is the belief in decisive action. Our discourses should not hinder us to act. And our broadness should not hamper our united struggle.

Intellectual Honesty.

Seek first to understand, then to be understood. Bukluran has no room for arrogance and it is our organizational culture that every one should be honest of what they know and every one appreciates that learning starts from acknowledging that they know nothing.

We diagnose before we prescribe and we will never accept simplistic assertions that are not grounded upon reality.

Social Responsibility.

We engage the powers-that-be (the PLM administration, our government, etc…) to include social justice in their developmental plans while we educate the people of the necessity to cope up with the modernizing world.

The concepts of social progress and social justice are both noble. Yet when one displaces the other, problems do arise. The balance of these concepts plays a significant role in our advocacy of a better society.

The Welfare of the Students is the Supreme Law.

In seeking what is best for the students, we do not refer to what is popular. The principled fight for the students’ interests is never a popularity contest. Bukluran does not succumb to utter populism but uses its principles in gauging what are the things that would be consistent in our aim of better conditions for PLM students.

Alternative Activism.

Bukluran does not believe in the Expose-and-Oppose formula of the old school. We seek not to find fault in government but rather to find an alternative to the faults that we see. We are solution-based.

Thus, we expose, we oppose and we propose.



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