Press Ctrl+F to find your name here, if you are an alumni of the organization but your name is not on the list, please send your profile to nearestcomfortroom@yahoo.com.

Isagani Abunda is a former Editor-in-Chief of Ang Pamantasan. Known for his comic antics, this Mass Communications degree-holder led series of PLM student rallies during the Estrada administration that culminated to a walkout during Edsa Dos. He now works as an Advocacy Officer of the Institute for International Dialogue.

Noel Atayde is a former Bukluran President.

Jason Balboa is best remembered as a debater during his PLM days. He is Founding President of PLM Speech and Debate Society (SPADES) and former president of Mass Communications Student League (MCSL).  He is supposed to graduate Magna Cum Laude if not only for being suspended in connection with the protest action against the harassment on the finances of AP and SSC.

Crystal Borhillo-Florante is a former Treasurer of the College of Arts and Sciences Student Council, Secretary-General of the Party organization and Vice President for Administration of the alliance. She now works as a Telemetry Nurse at the Asian Hospital and Medical Center in Muntinlupa. This Psychology degree-holder is happily married to Mr. Jude Florante.

Rochelle Cabanayan…

Charles Cabaña is a former President of the alliance. It was under his administration that the Education Curriculum of the Alliance was established. He is also a former Education Officer of Sanlakas Youth-PLM. Charles is presently working in Dubai.

Engr. Eric Cabrera earned his Engineering education from the PLM EE Department. Eric, who is also a rock musician during his PLM days, is currently working for Monark-Caterpillar, a multi-national heavy equipment company. In PLM, he served as Engineering Representative to the SSC and Chairperson of Sanlakas Youth -PLM. He is also a former Party Chair and now serves as one of the board members of the PLM Alumni Association.

Marissa Cahigan is a former Secretary of the SSC.

Elaine Capili’s looks may be deceiving at first but this petite girl is known for being a militant leader especially when she was Chairperson of Sanlakas Youth-PLM, the time she founded the Student Regent Now Alliance (SR NA!). She is also a former officer of the College of Physical Therapy Student Council. Elaine is currently working as a trainer of E-Telecare Global Solutions.

Engr. Gerald Carsula is a former SSC Auditor but is better known as the College of Engineering and Technology Student Council President that serves as the most vocal opposition leader to then-SSC President Cherry Moriones. He currently works in Helsinki, Finland as a Malware Analyst. He is also a member of Sanlakas Youth and Epsilon Delta Beta during his PLM days. He is happily married to a Tugonista, Ricca Ira Acuña-Carsula.

Jose Marie Crespo is so popular that he managed to snatch the leadership of the College of Arts and Sciences Student Council from then-reigning SAMASA Party- Sandigan ng Mag-aaral para sa Sambayanan. Proving his political fame is the fact that he is the only two-termer President of CAS-SC in its history.

Frank Dadural is a former SSC President.

Candy Diez is a former Secretary of the PLM-SSC. During her days days as a Mass Communications major in PLM, she is also a member of Samahang Demokratiko ng Kabataan (SDK), SPADE, MCSL and PASAS. She currently works as a Project Coordinator for the Medical Action Group’s Cut the Cost, Cut the Pain Network (3CPNet).

Raymund Deonaldo’s name does not sound too familiar for most members, not until it is known that he is the man behind the name “Beast.” A lot of Bukluran members know that Beast, aside from being one of the founders of the alliance during his stint as Chairperson of KAMALAYAN-PLM, is among the student leaders who led series of protest actions against the vagueness of the handbook, the then-City Security Force (an armed security unit deployed by the city hall in PLM) and most importantly, the NCR-wide student walkout for the passage of the Magna Carta. He is also a member of Tau Gamma Phi.

Eve Erive is well-remembered as the Party Secretary-General that introduced organizational reforms within the organization especially about documentation. This Mass Communications major is also among the student leaders that were suspended after a mass action was organized against the PLM administration’s harassment against Ang Pamantasan. Eve is currently based in the United States.

Romina Ernacio is the Founding President of the PLM ALL-STARS of the College of Tourism and Hotel Industry Management. She is also a member of Sanlakas Youth-PLM. She currently works as an executive of Jollibee Food Corporation.

Josie Marie Fetizanan or Feti is a former Vice President of the formation and officer of the College of Hotel and Travel Industry Management Student Council.

Irene Gallardo is a former Editor-in-Chief of Ang Pamantasan. She is also the President of Humane Society during the formative conventions of Bukluran. She is well-remembered as the militant woman leader dreaded even by the militaristic City Security Force deployed by the Manila City Hall in PLM.

Atty. Dennis Gamaya is the first SSC President of Bukluran. A charismatic student leader of his time, his experience from the Peer Facilitators’ Society aided him in reforming the institution held by conservatives for a long time. Aside from being a lawyer, Dennis is also a licensed Electronics and Communications Engineer.

John James Genove is a former PRO of the PLM-SSC. A graduate of BS Economics, JJ, as most kabuklod calls him, is also a former Chairperson of Katipunan ng mga Anak ng Manggagawang Pilipino (KAMPI)-PLM. He is a former staff of the Freedom from Debt Coalition and is now an employee of Smart Communications.

Atty. Bernard Gregorio is one of the founding batch of Bukluran. Manong Beegee as most members would call him is a law graduate from the PLM College of Law. He also earned his Mass Communications degree from PLM and was a former editor of Ang Pamantasan. He now works as a junior associate at the Narvasa Law firm.

Primo Morillo almost forgot that his course in PLM then was Biology and not BS Org. In his stint as a scholar of the city government, he is officer and/or member to a lot of PLM student organizations like Sanlakas Youth, Ang Pamantasan, KAMPI, Tau Gamma Phi, ACTS and BioSoc. He is also the first President of the Bukluran Alumni Association. He is currently working as a Quality Analyst in Sykes-Asia, Inc.

Leovic Pablo is a former Chairperson of the party.

Volker Parce is a former SSC Auditor. He is also the founder of the Teacher Education Society during his days as an Education student. Bok, as most kabuklod calls him, is also a former Auditor of the College of Education Student Council and member of the Samahang Demokratiko ng Kabataan-PLM.

Beverly Roldan is a former Associate Editor of Ang Pamantasan. She is also the founder of the PLM Chapter of Sanlakas Youth in the midst of the struggle against the Estrada administration. 

Fatima Roxas is a former Secretary of the SSC.

Rhealiza Salonga is a former President of Bukluran and is responsible for the First Congress of the alliance. She was also a member of Sanlakas Youth-PLM and the Junior Marketing Association during her days as Business Administration student. She is currently pursuing legal studies at the San Sebastian College of Law where she is the Prime Reigne of the Lex Augustiniana Sororitas.

Reyna May Santos-Genove is a former officer of the CBPA Student Council and eventually the College of Accountancy and Economics Student Council. Known as one of the critical minds in the alliance, she is also an active member of SDK and the PLM Economics Society during her PLM days. She now works as Executive Assistant to the CEO of Actron Industries.

Debbie Sontillano-Alfonso is very much known for being one of the best recruiters Bukluran has ever had.  She earned her degree from the College of Management and Entrepreneurship. This member of Sanlakas Youth-PLM during her PLM days is presently working in 24/7 Customer Solutions in Makati City.

Ronald Tiangco is the first Secretary-General of the Bukluran Alumni Association. He currently teaches Social Studies at St. James School of Quezon City.

Dr. Vladimir Untalan counts as one of the most popular SSC President PLM ever had perhaps comparable to those of Liliosa Hilao and Mayonelo Yanilla. He won handily in a three-way fight where he got more than 50% of the votes. Before being SSC President, Vlad was also PRO of the CAS Student Council and Grand Triskelion of Tau Gamma Phi. He is currently a resident physician of Manila Doctors’ Hospital.

Cherry May de Vera is a former Treasurer of the SSC and Vice President for Internals of the PLM Economics Society. She graduated cum laude with a degree of Business Administration major in Economics. She once worked with the Youth Sustainable Development Authority (YSDA) and the Department of Trade and Industry. Chemay, as most Bukluran members call her, is currently connected with PhilEXPORT.

Arnold Vicedo is a former President of the College of Engineering and Technology-Student Council.



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  1. (include me here) =)

    Posted by Jan Heidi R. Abrigo | April 11, 2008, 10:35 pm
  2. please send your profile to me heidi… a profile chain is currently rolling in our egroup. ;p

    Posted by dleftclick | April 11, 2008, 10:59 pm
  3. whoa! =) Perhaps you need to omit my middle name, I am the only person with a middle name in the list. (I thought of not being too formal right after I have signed my WHOLE NAME at my first post) Hahaha. So there, thanks again!

    Posted by jan | April 12, 2008, 8:20 am
  4. hahaha ayus ito…

    Posted by JJ Genove | April 13, 2008, 10:05 pm
  5. Hi! Moreso, I am a former College of Education Student Council Auditor under Meng Cacho’s Presidency.

    Posted by BOK | April 22, 2008, 10:04 am
  6. hehe astig =D ganda primo, thanks =D

    Posted by candy | September 26, 2008, 12:12 am
  7. im flattered to be compared to liliosa hilao. thanks, but im not worthy to be even in the same sentence with her. she was one of my icons in my activism days. she has given the ultimate sacrifice not only for our university but for our country. i was just a regular SSC president then. anyways, more power to this organisation. _-mayo

    Posted by mayonelo yanilla | November 18, 2008, 3:28 am
  8. Ganda nito….

    I’ll give three hooraah for this, and three hoorah for primo.

    This is the first time I saw this since it was under construction due to my very very busy schedule. Again, hoorah for this.

    p.s. @Primo: correction sa profile ko, it is EE Dept not ECE dept. thanks


    Posted by Eric Cabrera | November 21, 2008, 6:02 pm
  9. whoa! i couldn’t believe it when i saw my name here! =)

    Posted by jason balboa | April 15, 2010, 8:52 pm
  10. namiss ko ang partido.. hanggang ngayon nasa akin pa rin yung mga kalasag na ginamit ko nung mga eleksyon. mabuhay ang bukluran!! PADAYON!

    Posted by Joanna Rose Millar | April 21, 2010, 2:34 am

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